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Some reminders of testimonies since 2009...

I am old and in all my life I have never known how to cry, after the first Origin session, I cried like a child.

The 2nd session freed me from a weight that I had been carrying around for years. I am waiting for my next session.

I wanted to sleep during the sessions because it was so good.

When I got up, I felt a little dizzy.

Afterwards I was calm, my back no longer hurt and I felt completely clean.

I would love to do it again.

Having undergone colon surgery for a few years, I have had pain again for a year.

Analyzes, ultrasounds and medications gave no results.

I want to testify that after three ORIGINAL sessions, done a month ago, I no longer have pain anywhere.

The 3 Origin sessions were very pleasant to me; I felt that I was taken care of with attention, gentleness and kindness.

I feel whole, complete, I'm really good!

I feel an increase in my joy of living.

My first impressions, just over two hours after the first session:

I feel as if “inhabited” by Serenity, Peace, Silence.

I "see" as if people are moving away from me, they seem to be "diluted"...

I really want to “go to bed happy”.

Many thanks

This 4th session is unlike any of the previous ones.

Energy, silence, harmony, images of statuary characters (eg: like on Easter Island or sometimes Buddhas perhaps).

Then a face of a nun who smiled at me and looked me straight in the eyes.

Then later, currents of energy that ran through my whole body or more precisely all my bodies.

Sometimes, like towards the end of the session, this current was so strong that my physical body heaved and I wanted to jump, to stretch, to scream.

The session ended ¼ hour ago and I feel good, very light and very dense at the same time.

This corresponds well to what I felt during this session, that is to say that the energy REALLY CROSSED ME, RADIATED EVEN DEEPER, IN PARTICULAR MY PHYSICAL BODY.

It has now been more than 15 days since I had the first 3 sessions and I still feel the benefits. It seems to persist, as if it had been written into my cells, like a memory.

This 4th session brought me more firmness.

I feel it settling inside me.

Before I had trouble doing things, I dragged myself.

Now, after Origin, I'm moving forward, I'm much more dynamic. I manage to change the things that are wrong and I won a big challenge for myself the other day!

Since I benefited from the “Origin” sessions, an immense inner well-being has invaded me!

The negative things in my life no longer have any influence on me!

I have much more perspective on events and my emotions.

I instantly see the positive in everything I experience now.

Everything is simpler, more beautiful, more joyful, more exciting.

My limitations are eliminated and I achieve new things, of which I thought I was incapable.

It is magic!

A big thank-you

After the 3 Origin sessions, I feel much more courageous and full of enthusiasm.

My negative thoughts are all gone!

It's like a big weight has been lifted off me, I feel so light! I am a completely different person, even those around me perceive it.

Coming out of the 3 sessions, I felt wonderful, invigorated, and in great shape!

In my family we cultivate nervous degeneration.

My mother, my brother and I have suffered from this condition for years and results in trembling of the hands.

The ORIGINE sessions allowed me to better accept this situation and since then, in my garden, I am calm, happy, and I find all the beauty of nature which recharges me.

I wanted to testify about the ORIGINAL thank you phrase, even long after receiving the first sessions, this phrase still works in me, it's really GREAT.

It's been a month since I received my 3 ORIGINAL sessions, and it's as wonderful as the first day, I'm calm, relaxed, serene, and I'm even confident in the future, I don't get used to it very quickly. gradually to this state of affairs, it is a VERY VERY PLEASANT feeling.

Many thanks again

It gave me a lot of good.

I now feel calm and light.

I look at the old Raphaël who is hanging on the coat rack, while the new one takes my arm to look in front of me.

The 1st session, silence and calm were dominant. I felt a lot of lightness and purification (during a good part of this session, I had the image of a column of golden light between heaven and earth, which manifested itself constantly).

I had visions of female characters, of holy women. I felt like I was seeing the feminine archetype.

The 2nd session was very energetic, with a shaking of the limits, a bit like a mountain torrent carrying everything in its path. It was the energy of a volcano wanting to erupt, very restless, almost too strong.

After the 3rd session, I felt harmonized. It combines the two previous ones, together with silence, energy, purification and lightness.

I felt the energy penetrate into my bones! (very rare feeling, already felt once during other practices) This is also the first time that I have sensations of a rush of fire, (during the sessions when working along the spine), so that I have already practiced many body techniques before!

Characters that appeared as inanimate bodies in black and white during the first session appeared again, but this time everything was white and bright.

I experience harmonization, a peaceful balance, with well-channeled energy and liveliness, without dispersion.

Every day, these effects improve and the energy remains permanently channeled.

After more than a week, the energy level is higher than before the sessions, and this is a constant benefit. This energy which has been maintained gives me energy, and a lot of strength; she seems to want to integrate into my bodies (emotional, physical, mental); it transcends this phenomenon which allows me to move more easily through my emotions and my thoughts and which works on my blockages, and it acts on my consciousness.

“Before I did Origin, it’s like I was in very, very tight clothes and now I’m in very comfortable clothes.”

Before having done the Origin sessions, I dragged myself to do things I felt depressed, now I feel more dynamic, my eyes are bright, and I act with joy"!

It took me 2 weeks to realize the benefits of Origin.

Now I realize that I am more balanced, I have a certain perspective in my work and I am more emotionally distant.

Usually at this time it's a delicate moment, but I stay calm, I do things calmly;

I feel really good!

From the second session of Origin, I made a big decision that I had to make a long time ago; I had the courage and the firmness to do it.

After Origin, I no longer let myself be carried away in my work, I dare to speak and say what I think.

As well as in my personal life, I managed to say “no” to my son who really needed it.

I have more clarity and I assert myself!

it's as if I came back "brand new, a child who discovers or

“rediscover life”, and lots of things to relearn.

I am very happy, after 3 sessions in 3 days some synchronicities brought me unexpected work and within my ropes (this 2 days after the 3rd session.)

Also moments of punctual, pleasant and effortless rapprochement with my two daughters (16 and 20 years old) and other facts which give me more confidence in myself and in life.

After the first session, I experienced some nausea but, as soon as I got home, I felt extraordinary energy and well-being.

I worked tirelessly in my garden that day and the next.

My hip pain and lower back pain have disappeared.

I am almost 84 years old.

It's now been a few days since I had the 3 ORIGINAL sessions, and this morning after a grueling week, I feel Big, Beautiful and Safe. I don't think she's sure of me, but I'm SURE. I am full of courage, calm and relaxed.

During the first session, everything that was black, dark, and negative around me left (we realize that we no longer have it); my body no longer had limits, I was no longer locked in a “box”.

During that first day, I felt like I had a new, longer, more beautiful head, on a new, stronger neck.

I also noticed that my vision was clearer and brighter.

I am calm, serene, it's extraordinary for me, I have the impression of being on vacation, without worries, without problems, just this pleasant sweetness, this feeling that everything will happen, that everything is possible.

When I wake up on the 2nd day, I feel tall but also on very strong legs, this feeling of permanent vacation has become more pronounced, I am still calm and serene, and what's more, I have the impression of being in a “enchanted” place, while still being at home. My mind is also clearer and more precise.

During the 2nd session, I felt even more serene and calm (everything is possible), again this feeling of no longer having a body to be ONE with the ALL.

After the session the work is done on my jaws and the muscles of my face.

The 3rd session was very gentle, very calm. I'm leaving in the morning on a business trip, which for me is usually a real hassle, today the day passed pleasantly.

And despite the lack of hours of sleep, the hotel mattresses, and the stress of work, the fatigue of my colleagues, at the end of the week I surprise myself in being in good shape, whereas in the same usual conditions, I spend my weekend exhausted, either in my bed or on the sofa...

After the first two sessions, I felt a physical transformation: relaxation of my back, of my eyes. For years I closed my eyes and I always had lights, stars moving around, spiraling. I discover the soothing darkness, the calm when I go to bed.

But 2 days later, no more relaxation. Stressed again, impatient, angry. Daily life overwhelmed me, my body tensed up.

It was in this state that I arrived at the 3rd session, a week later. And there, I felt this letting go again, this great relaxation.

At the end of the session, I couldn't stop yawning. I had never yawned so much in my life!


I left, peaceful, light. Since this session, I have felt an even greater relaxation; I feel my pelvis moving, my hips, my thighs, with lightness! How good it is to walk!

I found myself crouching down to clean the bottom of a door: squatting like a 4 year old!

And then contacts with my neighbors are simpler! I chat quietly, spontaneously, without asking myself any questions.

I no longer feel attacked or questioned if my children do stupid things: it feels good!

Spontaneity, lightness, how good I find it!

Mikelita-55 years old- September 19, 2009

I experienced two sessions, in 2 hours my life completely changed!


During the first session, my body began to breathe and open.

A feeling of opening at the back of the head appeared sometimes, including when sitting!

The next day, when I woke up, I had pain all over my spine. This feeling evaporated very quickly.

By the second session, my body was more flexible and receptive. He let himself be carried and breathed much better.

The Sunday following the second session, I went to the swimming pool and since childhood I have been afraid of water and did not like swimming in the presence of other people in the pool.

For the first time in my life, the presence of others did not provoke anything in me! I felt comfortable, free to move and move around in the water.

I am very, very happy.

After doing oxygen, I felt very relaxed, calm, and a little happy inside.

Afterward, I felt less worried about my future.

Since then I have completely lost the taste for smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee.

This is my testimony, for now.

I don't know how it goes for others, but for me it was an experience that touched the deepest parts of myself.

It is difficult to find the right words to talk about it; the only ones that seem suitable to me are vibration and energy.

At first, when I was sitting on the chair, I felt vibrations throughout my body, from my head to my feet, and eventually it felt like the body was completely surrounded by a " electromagnetic field”.

Then lying face down on the table, I had the sensation that my body was completely emptied of its contents through the upper part of the body, and simultaneously filled with a new one coming from the feet.

At a certain moment I felt that my body was inflating like a globe of helium; in another, I had the sensation of being surrounded by a sort of fresh "breath", and this "breath" was absorbed by my body, with all my limbs, even with the fingers of the hands which acted like vacuum cleaners .

But all these are just images that are not entirely accurate to talk about sensations that are difficult to describe. We are connected very deeply with ourselves. At times there were no thoughts, I felt like a wakeful and alert observer, but I wasn't thinking.

Since then, I have felt extraordinarily good and I seem to obtain better results in certain exercises that I practice routinely.

I also feel great tranquility.

OXIGENE was a truly extraordinary experience for me.


I discovered Oxygène through a friend.

The latter simply told me: "I think you should try Oxygène. In my opinion it can only do you good." Following this recommendation, I booked an Oxygen session that same evening even though I didn't really know what to expect.

I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and above all the effectiveness of the session.

The feeling of well-being I felt at the end immediately convinced me that I should take the other two sessions that were recommended to me.

Have I become wiser since then? No.

Do I have new powers? Not yet :-)

Did all my worries suddenly disappear? No way.

However, since the Oxygen sessions, I have noticed that I am not only more serene, but my sleep is much deeper and my appetite is much better.

My body in general and more particularly the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet teem with energy.

For the moment and on the spot what I can say about it:

After the first session I felt extremely relaxed. Very physically relaxed.

I had a feeling of joy inside that I hadn't felt in many years.

The second session I also felt very relaxed but not in the same way it felt like it was in another level.

Previously, I was very concerned about being on time and therefore I stressed a lot on this point but although the session had ended a little late I was in no hurry, there was the absence of struggle.

The third session I felt very calm, I was simply good. The people around me felt it too.

In general, the quality of my life has changed.

I care more about the present.

I avoid, without wanting to force myself, negative thoughts and conflicting situations, but even when that happens I don't give it as much importance as before, I pass it by without giving it much space.

I am also much more intuitive than before and less rigid.

Good morning

So I'm taking a few minutes to respond to the subject of ORIGIN...

I came back very tired, I couldn't stop wanting to sleep...

But now I'm better. I feel, how should I say... a little lighter... and a little more courageous... and I find that I want to do things more.

Before, nothing meant anything to me...and so did finishing them.

It was very difficult for me to finish what I started.

But hey, I keep my goal to be joyful and to be in the present moment.

Thanks again for everything and greetings

This changes very quickly!

Since I had the three “ORIGIN” sessions, everything in my head is clearer. I am more calm, I am calmer and much more serene.

The people around me can't believe how in just a few days I became more mature. Their emotions no longer affect me.

Nothing scares me anymore! Even my son tells me, "Mom, I don't recognize you." I have the impression that everything becomes and that everything is possible.

When I decide something, I already know that it will work, or that it will be achieved.

Before, I prayed a lot. Now, I pray less because I realized that I only prayed in my head.

Now I know they come from my heart.

Thank you very much for all that, and I look forward to doing three original sessions in three months.

Extraordinary session experienced, what a relief, thank you

“It’s like I was living in very, very tight clothes and now I’m in very comfortable clothes!”

It's awesome!! Don't hesitate to talk about it, it's Fabulous!

After doing oxygen, I felt very relaxed, calm, and a little happy inside. Afterwards, I felt less worried about my future. Since then I have completely lost the taste for smoking cigarettes and to drink coffee.



Origin Sessions , Oxygen, Originzen

are neither medical nor paramedical, nor any therapy or psychotherapy, nor magnetism, nor any energy or bioenergy.

It is neither hypnosis, nor sophrology, nor autosuggestion and yet...

It’s “prodigious”!!!

Your enthusiastic comments confirm it.

“Origin” is one of the oldest and best-kept secrets of so-called beneficial wellness techniques from Tradition.

Since the dawn of time, remember this:

Humans are always the same!

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