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Living at half capacity due to stress

Updated: Apr 24

We talk about people's wisdom developing over time, I rather call this behavior resignation. Whatever your life and the environment in which you evolve, life brings trials and pain to overcome. It's never easy. The stress that human beings develop without their knowledge reduces their alertness, reduces their creativity, their ability to bounce back, even their desire to live and their survival instinct are modified.

His intellectual and physical abilities deteriorate, and unconsciously the human being resigns himself to this state. The mind conditions the body and the body conditions the mind.

And what could be more normal and acceptable since everyone experiences the same thing. This is a big mistake. Human beings are designed to live a long and healthy life. We must realize that our way of life is increasingly toxic. There are more and more neuropsychiatric illnesses as well as chronic illnesses. Isn't this paradoxical in a modern world?

People live by habit, and beware of those who would like to make them change. It takes tenacious effort and courage to improve your health, your lifestyle, and see yourself stay young.

As any stress created emotionally remains within you, it spreads over the years in all your organs and can be a triggering factor for a pathology, a hormonal disorder, a mental imbalance, etc.... At a certain stage of influence, it is called oxidative stress, and its effects are only nefarious.

Everyone who has followed our programs, from the youngest to the oldest, realized that they had their “head in the bucket” before following our programs. There is always a “better being” afterwards. We notice better lucidity, better vitality, as if a fog had dissipated, not to mention the disappearance of chronic diffuse pain for some.

Here you have the means to regain better behavior, with a better desire to live because you are free of many disturbances in your way of functioning.

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